Thursday, December 21, 2017

Nail Polish Canada's Holiday Nail Art Challenge 2017

"Christmas Night" 

 Well it's that time of year again.....Nail Polish Canada's Annual Holiday Nail Art Contest! Quite a few years back I created this blog specifically so I could join in on the fun and now..years later i'm still participating! Yay! Perhaps this coming year i'll blog more..let's make that a resolution ;) We all know how those go, eh?
Anyway..without futher's my addition!'s the same, right?!'s what I used:
Base: F.U.N Lacquer Believe topped with INM Out the Door Northern Lights Holo Topcoat
Stamp: What's Up Nails B022
Stamping Polish: Morgan Taylor Little Black Dress & Clear Jelly Stamper 034

I really hope you like it! Thanks for looking <3

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Snowflake Manicure

 Hi everyone!!
Hope you're enjoying this Holiday season so far. This mani is an entry for Nail Polish Canada's Holiday nail art challenge 2016. I was almost too late to submit! I always have such a hard time with challenges...trying to come up with something awesome......I kinda failed to come up with something original (I reaalllly did try!) so snowflakes it is!! 

I used Cirque Tanzanite for my base..which is an amazing scattered holo that applies better than the majority of polish' I own. I stamped with Cirque Don't Forget the Cannoli and Cheeky Plate K.
Head on over and cast your vote for your fave mani! 

Monday, September 26, 2016

Femme Fatale But A Dream

But A Dream

I have the very delicate But A Dream thermal here and I love it! For those of you that want total opacity..this might not be the polish for you. It has the least amount of color shift from cold to warm but for some reason i'm perfectly fine with that; I can also see layering this as an option as well. It's a really pretty aqua jelly with intense pink's NOT shy. This is a thermal that I won't mind when the thermal pigment stops transitioning because I like both colors..they're very similar. Unlike some other ones that have a clear or gold warm state..not too fond of those unless they have something else going on. Anyway...onto the pics!

But A Dream-warm & Cold

But a Dream-cold state

But a Dream-warm state

But a Dream-cold state

But a Dream-warm state

But a Dream-warm state

I really loved how this mani turned out!! I sponged on some Femme Fatale Two Days Wrong (another amazing flakey thermal), stamped with Messy Mansion plate 42, Konad Purple and Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Co-Bolt Blue. I honestly didn't want to take this off!!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Polished by KPT Being in the Pink

Being in the Pink

Hmm...where to start..this is a perfectly lovely thermal polish and if I hadn't seen online swatches making it look super bright and vibrant and i'd be pleased..but I did and I can't. This feels like no matter how many coats you apply the color doesn't build up..watery almost for lack of a better term. It really wasn't very saturated at all and I found the same thing with Do You Wanna Fanta. It's difficult because the first thermals I used were from Femme Fatale and those were highly pigmented and saturated. Don't get me's a jelly formula but usually even they can build up coverage, Ok..enough..onto the pics.

Being in the Pink-warm transitioning & cold

Being in the Pink-cold state

Being in the Pink-warm state transitioning at tips

Well..there you have it. I do like the polish but if i'm reaching for a thermal i'm likely going to go for the more pigmented one..well in any polish for that matter. I will say that the color changes easily on this one and that's always nice! I also really loved Same Fall, Different Beginning and Mars Escapade from this brand so i'm hoping for more like those and less like this!

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Femme Fatale A Fortune Teller's Charm

A Fortune Teller's Charm

Another amazing thermal from Femme Fatale! Sophie, the creative genius behind the brand does thermals like no other...well any polish really! This thermal from The After Light Gala Collection is so dazzling!! It has a really nice formula even though it's packed full of stuff..and I mean packed. Onto the pics!

A Fortune Teller's Charm-warm, cool & cold

A Fortune Teller's Charm-cold state

A Fortune Teller's Charm-cool state

A Fortune Teller's Charm-cool state

A Fortune Teller's Charm-warm state

A Fortune Teller's Charm stamped with Uberchic 1-02 & A england  Saint George

A Fortune Teller's Charm, Uberchic 1-02 & A england Saint George

Well, what do you think? Does this polish scream beachy to you like so many others? It certainly has an under the sea quality going on that I LOVE! 

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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Femme Fatale Love Potion

Love Potion

This is a thermal polish from the Valentines Sweet Secrets Trio 2016 and she's so lovely!! I'm not typically a fan of red or berry tones but this is just magical so I couldn't help but love it. The shimmer..OMG the shimmer..flawless formula! Never mind my drooling over here..i'll get onto the swatches!

Love Potion-warm, cool & cold <3

Love Potion-cold state.

Love Potion-cool state.

Love Potion-warm state.

Love Potion-artificial lighting *shimmmmer*
This last pic I love sooo much! This is what it looked like most of the time on me..because i'm in's cold and there's a lack of daylight! lol The other pics are all taken in natural lighting with no direct sunlight...well no sun at all really! Don't forget to click on the pics so you get a better closeup :)

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Femme Fatale Blue-Within-Blue Eyes

Blue-Within-Blue Eyes....

What can I say? I have no words that could properly convey this polish' beauty so I won't bother trying...onto the swatches instead and you can decide for yourself if you're as smitten as I am.

Blue Within Blue Eyes-warm, cool & cold <3

Blue Within Blue Eyes-cold state

Blue Within Blue Eyes-cold state

Blue Within Blue Eyes-cool state

Blue Within Blue Eyes-cool state

Blue Within Blue Eyes-warm state

So what are your thoughts? It's easily one of my Femme Fatale favorites and I snagged a back up bottle so I don't have to worry about running out :)

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