Friday, November 23, 2012

Hello people!! =) I designed my main page a few months back and then just forgot about blogging on here because of my Facebook page! (and because I felt a little overwhelmed..wasn't really sure what to do!) So I came back because one of my absolutely favorite online stores...Nail Polish is having a 3 week Christmas nail challenge!! When I looked at the other entries I saw that they were all links to their i'm like wth? How can I join?? And then brainfart! I remembered this blog..that took me a whole day just to set up the main page! lol I do really hope you all like the design..I wanted it to kinda flow with my facebook page. So if you're interested in joining the challenge go check out NPC! And i'll be back later with my first ever blog pics of my contest entry :) Oh...and if you'd like to check out my page that would be great too! Here's a link address:

See you soon!

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