Friday, April 4, 2014

piCture pOlish aurora and borealis

Hi everybody! Yesterday I got nail mail from my Mom for an early B-day present...she bought me ALL of the piCture pOlish LE polish'!!!!! OMG best gift EVER!!! Thanks Mom<3
So I did a mani with Aurora and Borealis (it's sooooo hard for me NOT to capitalize layered over Spa Ritual awesome blackened purple creme that was almost opaque in 1 likely wasn't because of my application.
VERY PICTURE HEAVY!! As always please remember to enlarge photos :)
 For all these pics Borealis is on your left and Aurora is on the right. I used striping tape.

 OMG...just LOOK at these two! Drool...
 The above pic is the only one I edited and all I did was change in color.
 The above pic was taken in my shower..for some reason  it takes crazy nice pics in there...minus the lobster fingers of course.

 These bottom two pics are of my left hand...for some reason as I was typing away I just kept seeing all this awesome color shift ONLY on this hand...strange. Just while typing

 And the bottom two are of Spa Ritual Hugs..great color!

These are meant for layering..and they suggest black but I know in the future i'll be trying them on many different colors. Application was great and dry time was normal. I will be doing a comparison of Ninja Polish Alexandrite and Aurora for anyone that's interested but I might just post that on my FB account.
Hope you enjoyed :) Bye for now.....

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