Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spa Ritual Sea Glass & Stamping With MoYou

Hi everyone! I have a new post to end the weekend. I did this a couple days ago but didn't get a chance to held up perfectly fine...NO tip wear at all. Spa Ritual's new Summer 2014 Drift Collection has hit IBS and I snatched up Sea Glass and Barefoot. The other 3 were cremes and although they were very pretty I thought I probably had something similar in my collection.
The formula on Sea Glass was flawless, applied like butter. I used four coats but you could easily just do three or even layer but I have to say that it's one of those times when I don't mind the multiple coats...doubt you will either. It reminded me of Butter London's Knackered but built to opacity better and was also more shimmery. This is a gorgeous color and that's the perfect name for this polish..I personally think of mermaids due to the color shifting. It has an amazing pink/green duochrome...just stunning. It's not shy about it either. Once I stamped over it I was actually's the kind of polish that's so pretty you just need to enjoy it solo. You can also feel good about buying Spa Ritual because they're 5 free and Vegan. You can purchase them at Nail Polish Canada..and at Spa On with the pics! And as always...don't forget to enlarge the photos :)

 I stamped with MoYou Suki Collection-06 and Spa Ritual Hugs, a deep purple creme.
 Two above pics are in natural direct sun. The bottom was taken in my! As I was showering I couldn't get over how crazy the duochrome was so I had to grab my iphone and snap a few pics! Please excuse the lobster's not color accurate as it leans way more green than it is.
 All the pics below are in natual lighting with no direct sun. I find with duochromes that they actually seem to favor the shade. And no editing :) I try my hardest to capture the color naturally so you know what you're buying if you so choose. All the pics..except my shower one, are color accurate.

So what do you think of Sea Glass? I'm so glad I purchased it, it's absolutely stunning <3<3<3
Hope you've all had a great weekend! Bye for now :) Check out the link below for more info on this brand and the philosophy behind the brand...I'm impressed! All you have to tell me is earth friendly and i'm in! :)

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