Thursday, March 26, 2015

Polished by KPT Mars Escapade

Hi folks! Today I have for you my very first thermal polish! I saw pictures of this on FB and knew I had to have it!! Now getting ahold of this can feel a bit like stalking but all good things come to those who wait, right? lol Don't get me's not like waiting for an Enchanted Polish so chances are good you'll get your hands on it! ;)
I'm not big on explanations of color as I figure the pictures will illustrate that better anyway...if there's something i'm not able to capture then i'll bring that up. Formula was on the thicker side but didn't hinder application at all. I needed a good 3 coats for this but it's worth it ;)

So the pictures acsend from the warmest state to the coldest state and the lovely transitioning in between. In both warm and cold the polish is very complex and lovely!

So in conclusion...I loved it! Will I rush out and buy more thermals? I'd say the chances are pretty good but this one has set the bar really high :) What do you think?
I bought mine from Harlow&Co here in Canada and it retailed for $14.50
If you check out Polished by KPT's FB page they tell you where to buy internationally and domestic.
Bye for now!

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