Friday, April 24, 2015

Crowstoes Indian Summer

Hiya! Today I have a polish that has been around for a while BUT it's new to me and quite frankly the interwebs need more pics of this amazing polish.....Crowstoes Indian Summer!! First off let me start by saying I am sick to death of blogs that are trying to impress polish makers by over editing pics and misrepresenting the color of the polish....shame on you!!!! We all know a few of those i'm sure...we see the pics and think "wow..beautiful!" but deep down we know it's NOT going to look like that on us! I am NOT that person...I am here for YOU and me, not the polish makers. I will always try to get the most color accurate pics and if it's not I will say so. With that rant out of the way...let's get started!!
I used 3 thinnish coats for this mani. You don't want to overwork this'll leave you with bald spots. It's described as a burgundy based purple with magenta to orange color shift. I'm not going to argue with can see from the pics how many faces this beauty has ;)

I stamped with Mentality Polish Shindig and Pueen SE02A (this set is pretty awesome!!!) On with the pics!

 The above pic was taken outside on a very dreary sun to speak of and STILL this polish is amazing. I find sometimes multi-chromes show their colors more in dimmer lighting anyway.
 The above pic is the only one I was almost dark and I added some flash to show how this baby was glowing!! It's such an amazing polish!

This has fast landed at the top of my faves of all time and i'm not even a berry colored fact it's probably one of my least picked polish'. It's not the kind of polish where you have to try to see all the colors...they're just there..all the time! No joke.
I bought mine at Harlow&Co but it's currently out of stock. You can sign up by email to be notified when it's available. Check them out on Facebook for a complete listing of where to purchase.

Hope this was helpful and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask :)


  1. This is one of the most awesome polishes ever. I haunted restocks of it and was finally able to get it. I think everyone should have it!

  2. How beautiful! I love the colour, it makes me think evil queen or something enchanted like that :-) LOL Thanks for the honest review!

    Gil |

    1. What a great it!! It certainly does look enchanted ;) Thank you :)