Monday, September 26, 2016

Femme Fatale A Fortune Teller's Charm

A Fortune Teller's Charm

Another amazing thermal from Femme Fatale! Sophie, the creative genius behind the brand does thermals like no other...well any polish really! This thermal from The After Light Gala Collection is so dazzling!! It has a really nice formula even though it's packed full of stuff..and I mean packed. Onto the pics!

A Fortune Teller's Charm-warm, cool & cold

A Fortune Teller's Charm-cold state

A Fortune Teller's Charm-cool state

A Fortune Teller's Charm-cool state

A Fortune Teller's Charm-warm state

A Fortune Teller's Charm stamped with Uberchic 1-02 & A england  Saint George

A Fortune Teller's Charm, Uberchic 1-02 & A england Saint George

Well, what do you think? Does this polish scream beachy to you like so many others? It certainly has an under the sea quality going on that I LOVE! 

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