Monday, September 26, 2016

Polished by KPT Being in the Pink

Being in the Pink

Hmm...where to start..this is a perfectly lovely thermal polish and if I hadn't seen online swatches making it look super bright and vibrant and i'd be pleased..but I did and I can't. This feels like no matter how many coats you apply the color doesn't build up..watery almost for lack of a better term. It really wasn't very saturated at all and I found the same thing with Do You Wanna Fanta. It's difficult because the first thermals I used were from Femme Fatale and those were highly pigmented and saturated. Don't get me's a jelly formula but usually even they can build up coverage, Ok..enough..onto the pics.

Being in the Pink-warm transitioning & cold

Being in the Pink-cold state

Being in the Pink-warm state transitioning at tips

Well..there you have it. I do like the polish but if i'm reaching for a thermal i'm likely going to go for the more pigmented one..well in any polish for that matter. I will say that the color changes easily on this one and that's always nice! I also really loved Same Fall, Different Beginning and Mars Escapade from this brand so i'm hoping for more like those and less like this!

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You can find this brand here: 
They also have numerous distributors that can be found on their site.

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