Tuesday, May 7, 2013

China Glaze Sunsational Summer Neon Collection

Hi everyone! Today I have four colors from the Summer Neon Collection! I bought 3 cremes and 1 jelly. I have read some varying reviews...some I agreed with..some I didn't. I'll give you my honest thoughts. First up is a mani I created with 2 of the neons..Base is That's Shore Bright and I used a dotter to apply Too Yacht to Handle..knew these colors had to be paired together!!

 First up is That's Shore Bright..2 coats. This applied nice and even...no issues with application. I wouldn't consider this a neon but it is a nice bright purple shade..it's a lot brighter on than when you you see it on a nail wheel. I love it <3
 Now we have Too Yacht to Handle..3 coats. The first coat was ok but the second one went on thick and goopy and it didn't do any sort of self leveling. I used 2 drops of Seche Restore and my third coat went on great. Now some people have said this is not a neon and it's just a bit brighter than For Audrey...NOT! Aquadelic was way brighter than For Audrey..this....in my opinion...is as close to any aqua neon I have seen and I thought Aquadelic was super bright. I LOVE it. It's worth thinning :)
 And to show you what I mean...my thumb is Aquadelic and the other fingers are Too Yacht to Handle. They look close but in person you can definitely tell that Aquadelic looks more muted..probably how For Audrey compares to Aquadelic. Hope this helps..cause I have always LOVED Aquadelic and now I LOVE LOVE LOVE Too Yacht to Handle!
 Next up is Highlight of My Summer..3 coats. Same exact formula issues as Too Yacht to Handle..so again I added some Seche Restore. I have read that people said this is not a neon...ummmmm no..this is neon. My photo is without flash and that baby is crazy bright!! I also NEVER do any photo editing as I try to get it as accurate as possible...not as "pretty" as possible. I have NOTHING like this in my stash of over 500+ polish'. I LOVE it..a neon minty green? YES PLEASE!!!
 This is the one jelly I picked up. Are You Jelly?...I used 3 thin coats and had no application issues. It looks like it's not opaque enough in this photo but I assure you it is. This was my least favorite out of the 4 that I picked up. I also don't think this is a neon...pretty but not a neon.
So I hope you liked...and maybe this will help make up some minds :) Have a fabulous day!!


  1. Great swatches! These are the same 4 that I want. Glad to hear that Seche Restore helped with the application. I was planning to get them anyway, despite the formula. The colors are just so pretty! :)

    1. Thank you! I was baffled that some bloggers were saying none of them were neon..you'll see and I hope you love them as much as I do :)