Thursday, May 16, 2013

piCture pOlish sunset & violet femme

 Hi everybody! I have been waiting to do this post because I wanted to do the neons together...i'm just missing Hot Lips. I'll start by saying these have AMAZING formulas!! I can't get over what a pleasure they are to apply..sometimes the brush can be a bit wonky but I believe they said they're in the process of changing  their's nice when companies listen to their customers, right? :) I'll get down to the nitty gritty...I LOVE one but was disappointed by the to be fair we all know as polish lovers that creating a neon purple is NOT easy and thus far hasn't really happened. (if so please someone tell me so I can buy it!) I think honestly i'm most disappointed that people swatch pictures of the colors and then don't let you know if it's accurate or not..I HATE that! We've all spent money on something expecting it to look a certain way and then when we get's not what we were hoping for or expecting. And be's a damn hard polish to get accurate pics of but then SAY so! advice to you all is to find a blogger that consistently takes as accurate pics as possible..and when they're not accurate MENTIONS that they're NOT color accurate. I will be following this from now on! I try my hardest to do exactly that..I NEVER edit and then not mention that I did and the reason for it and I consider flash editing as well because it changes the color most of the time. On PP website (which I didn't look at first) they have a pic showing off Violet Femme and it's pretty darn close...a little lighter/brighter than what it actually is. Anyway..i'll shut up and post some pics :)
 First pic is in natural sunshine. 2 coats..
 Another pic in natural sunshine much for Spring..thanks Alberta :/
 So then I did a comparison of Violet Femme(#19) with China Glaze Creative Fantasy(#20). The top one IS edited..these are very close to the actual color but just much lighter than they really are. The bottom one hasn't been touched up at all. VF is more a magenta purple and CF is more a violet purple. They're VERY close. I found VF to be much darker looking and CF seemed a bit brighter. The formula is the big difference for me..although I like CF more color-wise, VF's formula is the bomb! I only needed 2 coats and it almost looked opaque at 1! CF was 4 coats and I probably could have done a 5th. I swatched a 3rd nail on the wheel just moments ago to check if maybe I had applied VF too thick the first time and maybe that's why it appeared so dark but it made no difference. All in all..I would have bought this polish anyway because I DO love the color and the's probably going to be my new go to purple! But it's not the flashy bright neon purple I was hoping for so i'm still on the hunt for that....
 And then I added some Gene's kinda hard to see it peeking out! I added it to my thumb, pointer and ring fingers. Then I stamped with my new Llealac Plate A with Konad Psyche Pink.
 This pic is in direct these colors together!!
 And since I can't leave well enough alone I added some Out The Door Northern Lights and some scattered holo dots.

  And now we have Sunset!!! This is a stunning bright coral neon with a fabulous formula!! 2 coats were used and it was perfect!! How I LOVE this color!!!! Now..this is completely opposite from Violet Femme in that all the pics I saw were misleading in a bad way...Sunset is misleading in a good way! It's always hard to capture the amazingness of a neon so swatches of this looked dull in comparison to what this looks like's magical and I can't can't say enough good things about it! This first pic is pretty damn close....and no flash was used. This is in natural direct sunshine.

 This is in sunshine..STUNNING! I have nothing like it in my huge stash and it's become a favorite. I do find it's a touch more red looking here. The first pic is more color accurate.
 This is in my dull kitchen lovely!
 And some flash for fun! It glows on your nails..I was wearing this in the car when the sun was going down and they looked like glowsticks!'s not overwhelming bright like a neon yellow might be because it's such a saturated coral really do have to see it to believe it.
 I'll write a quick blurb on Gene Doll as I likely won't review that one. It has a nice thin clear base and I like how the glitter is sparse so you can add a little something extra with one coat or add more for more bling..very versatile! Who doesn't like some hot pink glitter??

So I hope you found this helpful...sorry if it was a bit wordier than usual. Have a fabulous day!


  1. Love sunset!!! Great summer color :) dee rose

    1. Me too!! One of my faves for's a must have :)