Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine Nails

Hi everyone! Hope you're all enjoying Valentine's Day! The Hubby and I have decided to skip this one..we do that once in a while ;) But I still felt like having a cute Valentine mani...i'll get right to it :)
I used Ozotic 607 on my accent fingers and thumb and Glitter Gal Red Sparkle (type o negative) on pointer and pinky. Both brands discontinued these amazing scattered holo's..sad face. Good news though...apparently piCture pOlish (the makers of the Ozotic brand) have decided to bring back some of these scattered holo's and give them a new name. Yay! Look forward to those if you don't already have them cause they are amazing! Sadly Glitter Gal has not said they'll be bringing any of the scattered holo series back but they did come out with two new ones recently...Dorothy's Revenge and Galaxy Holo Topcoat. They're stunning and as far as I know no one else has come out with a scattered holo's a must have for any polish lover.
So I stamped with Pueen35 and then dotted in GG Red Sparkle on the hearts. I really loved how this turned fact i've worn it for over a week! My go to topcoat is Out the Door Fast Drying Topcoat and as always my undies are OPI Nail Envy. On with the pics!

 The bottom two are the lovely Ozotic 607...a nude pink that i'm totally in love with! Two coats and an amazing formula..same with GG Red Sparkle. No sun of course...that's par for the course here in Alberta, Canada but what's a gal to do?

 This last photo was the original mani but I just felt it was too much going on and I wanted to focus on those pretty hearts instead. What do you think?
Well I hope you have a fabulous Valentine's Day...and a great weekend :) make sure to enlarge photos so you can see all that sparkle! Bye for now....

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