Monday, February 3, 2014

Ninja Polish Alexandrite

First blog post of 2014!'s been a VERY long time since i've made a blog post! Mainly because I figured not too many people even see them...I don't even really follow blogs! lol I'm pretty much just a Facebook and Instagram poster but I figured i'd start again...not sure how long this stint will go on for but hey..i'll give it a go :) If you enjoy them..let me know, then perhaps i'll keep them coming :)
Enough blabbing...let's get on with the goods! This post is dedicated to the AMAZING Ninja Polish Alexandrite. Need I say more? Most of you know how great it is already and some of us were lucky enough to get a bottle! It flashes between pink, aqua and purple..i've layered it over piCture pOlish violet femme which turned out to be a very good pairing in my opinion :) I used two coats of VF and 1.5 of Alexandrite.

 The first pic is stamped with BM-H16 & BM-H18

 All pics are taken in natural lighting with no sun except for the above shot...that's some flash to give you an idea of how this baby glows :)

Isn't it just lovely?! Well, hopefully you enjoyed my first post in 2014! I hear piCture pOlish has come out with a new collection to be released sometime in Feb or early Mar and i'm hoping that there's a polish similar to this in that new collection...Aurora is the name of that little beauty. You can check out a swatch of that on their FB page and IG. I bought this beauty myself...when someone sends me something to review you'll all be the first to know cause I won't shut up about it :)
Have a wonderful Monday!!

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