Thursday, March 13, 2014

MoYou Fairy Plate and OPI INT'L Crime Caper

Hi everyone...thought I may as well do something productive since I haven't slept yet :( Ever have one of those nights when you hit the pillow and just CANNOT fall asleep?! Yuck! Anyway...onto my mish mash I bought only one of the new OPI Muppets Collection and still am baffled why I picked this one...once in awhile I surprise myself. I guess i've always had a thing for that pearlescent finish..<3
So OPI INT'L Crime Caper had a decent formula..looked like it was frosty but not too bad. I used three coats and you can still see VNL; I didn't mind it though. Then I layered on my new Spa Ritual Opaline Luminary flakey matte topcoat. Soooo pretty!! It's so hard to capture the flakies! I put on a couple coats and it didn't take forever to dry..yay! Then I stuck on some Glitter Gal Galaxy Holo Topcoat..enough already, right? lol That's amazing..although it's super thick so I just plopped in a few drops of Seche Restore and it was scattered holo perfection! If you love scattered holo you NEED this in your stash....can't recommend it enough. Then I stamped with my new MoYou Fairytale Collection-01 Plate..just adorable!! I have to say that my vision was different when I imagined using these images..i'm not totally in love with how it turned out but it's ok. I stamped with Spa Ritual Endless Possibilities..a super vampy blackened plum. I never expected it to stamp so well as it's on the jelly side but Osmium was the same! Pleasantly surprised :) Almost forgot...layered ONE more Ritual Imagination. But I only layered it over the stamped area. It's a beautiful that is very difficult to describe but the most obvious thing is the insane aqua shimmer!! LOVE it. Make sure to enlarge the photos :)

Well I hope you like! Feel free to ask any questions...I always love hearing from people :) Please excuse if i've forgotten anything..brain isn't working properly with no sleep. Have a wonderful day <3

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