Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Mani, 3rd Installment in Nail Polish Canada's Holiday Challenge

Well it's the 3rd and last week for Nail Polish Canada's Holiday Nail Challenge! I was inspired by my sisters glorious Christmas tree..i've always (not so secretly) wanted her tree and was super jealous when she found it at Superstore of all places! I have looked for one like it ever since but haven't gotten lucky:( It's no ordinary white's the PERFECT white tree!! Fluffy and perfect....and on top of if that's not good enough..she's decorated it with all pink!! So I stole a picture off's not the whole tree but you get the idea.
 I really enjoyed creating this mani! Maybe i'll have to make one to go with my peacock tree :) Hope you like!!

Base: Orly Au Champagne
Lights: Picture Polish Tease
Stamp: MM01/ Konad black
Topcoat: China Glaze Fairy Dust/OTD Fast Drying Topcoat


  1. So pretty with all the pink and white and shimmer. I am not a fan of white Christmas trees, but you may be converting me.

  2. Thank you so much ladies!! I really appreciate the feedback! Alexis.....I wasn't a fan of white trees either but this is the perfect white tree!! lol I've seen so many others and they're just not comparable. If only i'd been in Superstore that day *sigh*