Saturday, December 22, 2012

Glitter Gal Red Sparkle (Type O), The Most BEAUTIFUL Red Polish EVER!

Hi everyone! I have for you all a swatch of an absolutely PERFECT polish. It is Glitter Gal's Red Sparkle (Type O) from their Sparkle line that was recently discontinued.......BOO HOO!! I have the whole collection.....thankfully but i'm still devastated they discontinued it. It's probably the one collection in my stash i'm most in love with. I cannot properly express to you all how amazing this polish is.....STUNNING doesn't quite cover it!I'm not a red girl, never have been but this isn't your ordinary average red. It literally glows on your fingers in any lighting......heck you don't even need lighting! Driving home tonight in the pitch black i'm babbling excitedly to the hubs about this polish because it's STILL glowing and I can barely see anything else in the vehicle!! He actually came home from work today and and said nice color honey......he NEVER comments .......I ask, he gives a perfunctory reply without really looking. I mean really......this is for sure a favorite for 2012!! Everything about this polish is an 11/10........application,'s pretty much a one coater if you apply liberally. First coat looks like a brighter cherry red, second coat is  deeper red. I had a hard time capturing the true actual color is a little deeper red than my pics but everything else is accurate. No flash people. And I bought all my Glitter Gal's so my gushing is cause I truly freakin' LOVE this polish. Ok, i'll shut up and post now......;)

 Last but not least....gosh she's beautiful!!
I cannot bear to do any type of nail art to's perfect all on it's own. I may pair it up another time but this is my first time wearing it so i''l leave it alone. Hope you like!!

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