Sunday, January 27, 2013

Butter London's Bluey gets a make-over

Kay....that's too funny!! After checking out some other blog posts I noticed they all had a title....mine were all coming up untitled! So this post will have it's very own me. So recently I've kind of fallen in love with Butter London...the colors, the neat quirky names ( I have always secretly wished I was british ), and on some....the formula. Bluey just did not live up to my expectations! Not pleased with the formula, I used 3 coats but there was still VNL! It was also have to be quick and somewhat careful. Payoff wasn't that spectacular...prettier in the bottle. It's ok Butter're allowed the odd dud....but please no more! Especially at $17.50 a pop! So on with pictures and what I spruced it up with :)

 First up is BL Bluey in artificial light. It's really a lovely teal that leans more blue. In the bottle you can see all this green flashing but it just didn't translate on the nail.
 This is Bluey in natural lighting (no sunshine). can still see VNL...ugh.
 So I decided my Zoya Opal hadn't come out to play for awhile so ta-da! It sure spiced up Bluey...I added 2 coats of Opal.
 Then I couldn't just leave it at that....had to add the lovely Hypnotize Me from Cult Nails. One really thin coat and I can't sing the praises of this polish enough!! It's an all time favorite for's so versatile!
 Then I stamped with Cheeky XL plate D. I'd been wanting to use this design for some time. I used Sally Hansen Lickety-Split Lime and was surprised how bright it came out! Not sure i'm loving it but hey..can't win 'em all.
 I guess I feel it kind of killed all the sparkle...I do still like it but I almost liked it better before I stamped. for the heinous thumb pic. Interestingly enough the last time I used a different XL plate by cheeky it fit my whole thumb but this plate didn't. I just thought that was strange since I ordered them as a set...hmm.
Anyway..hope you liked...and see you again soon :) I won't add what I used at the bottom cause I pretty much did through the post. But if that's something you all look for i'll certainly add it in the future :)

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