Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pink Chocolate stamped

Hi everybody......i'm kind of a grumpy gus today so I'll make this quick.  I wanted to show Konad's new plate m89 off.  They made the images on this plate larger than their older plates,  this is the first one with the new sized images.  I have a couple of the images stamped on with the pictures!

First up is this neat flower stamp that I did using China Glaze Passion and then added some gold hex glitter.  I really like this image and had full coverage on my fingers.

 Then I added some China Glaze Make A Spectacle for some added bling.
 Here's the base I used,  the lovely Orly Pink Chocolate.  Great formula,  great color....this is 2 coats.
 And here i'm showing how this does not cover my thumbs but to be fair I have large nail beds so this might work for a lot of you.
The next Konad image is on my ring and pointer fingers.  It really covered the whole nail so I didn't want to use it on all my just would have been too much for me.  So on all the other fingers and thumb I used DRK-B plate which if you've read any of my other posts know are XL images.
 The base I used was Orly Velvet Rope,  a lovely dark purple with silver micro-shimmer peeping through.  I used 3 coats,  the formula was a bit dragged at my cuticles so I used a third coat just to cover.
Well I hope this gives you an idea of what to expect with the new Konad plate image size and a couple of the designs. Will you be getting the new plate?

What I used: Listed above

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