Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Lotsa Layers!!

Hi everybody! Tonight I have quite the layered look to share. So I started out with OPI...Eurso Euro, then OPI DS Magic, then piCture pOlish mask-a-rade, add topcoat...stamped with Sinful Colors Dream On..more topcoat...too subtle for my liking so stamped again with China Glaze Emotion and DRK-B XL Plate! That wasn't enough..added more Sinful Colors Dream On with the same image and MORE topcoat!! It looks like I have fake nails they're so thick! lol Oh..and I added China Glaze Fairy Dust to my ring fingers as an accent...on with the results!

 First pic is in natural lighting...outside and by golly there was some sun present! *gasp*
 Next up is taken inside, dim artificial lighting.
 Here was my first stamping attempt but it was just too subtle..even with topcoat it just didn't pop.
 This is with one coat of OPI DS Magic and it's beautiful! It looked more duochrome in person..flashing between blue and purple.
 The next two pics are OPI..Eurso Euro..2 coats. The above pic is in natural lighting..with sun present! The bottom one is in dim artificial lighting. The bottom is truer to actual color but I find this leans deeper blue and more towards purple or navy blue than these pics. The first coat was patchy but the second one filled it in beautifully.
I am actually really liking how this all turned out! Love that stamping image...it's not a full nail image (although it's big enough to be) so you can have fun and place it where you want it. Hope you like :)


  1. Man! I had to come post, this manicure blows my socks off!!! Incredible! I have this plate and the A plate but haven't used the B plate yet. I am going to get the C plate soon and have heard they have a D plate in the works too! Thanks for sharing! ♥

    1. Thank you sooo much!! I really loved this one too! A D plate coming?! Yay!! I love these plates so much! I was also wanting to try the Lealac plates from Llarowe...they look really great too. Do you by any chance have those? Now i'm going to go have a peek at your blog <3