Saturday, February 2, 2013

piCture pOlish atomic

Hey there! Today I have another one of the new collaboration shades from piCture pOlish! This time I have atomic, which was inspired from Samarium's Swatches...a popular blogger you've probably all heard of. You put her dream polish and the girls from piCture pOlish together and get this beauty! Atomic is a lovely white scattered's stunning! I also saw a lot of pink duochrome shimmer in the bottle so I layered it over black just to see what it would look like...i'll save that shot for last ;) This has a great formula, no application issues's fantastic. I'm a holo freak...especially scattered holo's so I was looking forward to this in a big way! It didn't disappoint :) It's got holo sparkle action going on ALL the time...not just a little. It was hard to get good pics because I have NO sun to speak of here in Alberta, Can...UGH. But these pics are taken in very dull artificial lighting and it's still magic on your fingertips! I shall shut up now and post the pics :)

 And here's the last one I mentioned earlier that I layered over's the one on the right. This is where I see the flashes of pink shimmer I see in the bottle! This reminds me of one of the Ozotic Sugar polish'! I want to do a full mani with this over a darker it!

Well..hope you like! As always I bought this polish and my opinions are all mine :)
Did you get any of the collaboration polish'? I only got the two scattered holo's and O'hara which is also a scattered holo. Until next time :)

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