Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Day 28 & 29: Inspired By A Flag & The Supernatural

I have a two in one post now..Days 28 and 29: Inspired by a Flag and Inspired by the Supernatural. Not gonna this point in the challenge I had gotten lazy and a little tired! This is a really long challenge..31 days back to back..crazy! I for sure skipped a couple here and there but it was still intense..even for someone that like's to change up their mani every 2-3 days. So for Day 28 I was looking for the easy way I picked Poland. Base is Orly Au Champagne and I taped over half and applied OPI Big Apple Red..which is a FABULOUS red!

For Day 29: Inspired by the Supernatural...I love witches and all that lore! I used Essie Lapis of Luxury as my base. Then I sponged on NOPI Back to Reality..TV and China Glaze Recycle. I used BM plates 04, 13, 213 & 224.

Well I hope you I said, these aren't the most Have a fabulous day :)

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