Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Quo by Orly Little Miss Sunshine

I grabbed another Quo by Orly polish up from Shoppers Drug Mart...this one is Little Miss Sunshine. It's an exact fact the same exact polish as Orly Melodious from their Hope & Freedom Fest Collection. Since i'm on a strict no buy from online..since before X-mas *cries*....I pick up the odd polish here and there. Of course I would've rather bought the bigger size in the actual Orly bottle I love so much but these are pretty good too..handle is pretty much the same just a touch smaller. Anyway..on with my review.
This polish had me yelling "yes" when I picked it up..there's all this crimson shimmer that's just stunning! And I have heard that other people say they don't see it on the actual nail but I totally disagree! You do see it and it's gorgeous! My camera didn't pick it up as much as I wanted but it's me.
Now..the formula? That's the problem. I thought at first coat it was going to be fine but after the second I knew it was trouble. It's extremely patchy, and don't hope for any self's not gonna happen. I used 3 coats and it still didn't look great. My suggestion would be to layer it or even sponge it over another yellow...that way you'll get that fabulous sparkle. Here's some pics :)

 I think these next 4 pics really show the streaking and the fact that it's still not opaque.

Will you be buying this? I thought another option might be to buy CND Crimson Sparkle and layer it over your favorite yellow for a similar effect.
Have a fabulous day :)

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