Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Quo by Orly Hey Girl!

Tonight I have for you a review of Quo by Orly Hey Girl!....a FABULOUS neon pink that blew me away!! This polish applied nicely and covered in 2 coats. It's so creamy and glossy..i'm in love! I have quite a few neons but none like this one. In the pictures it looks like it's leaning coral but it's not..it's really more pink in person and of course brighter. I got this at my local Shoppers and it was in a new display so not exactly in the polish isle but at the end of it. Once I got home I checked my other Orly neons to make sure this wasn't a replica and it's not! This is hands down one of my fave summer polish' :) Onto the pics..if there's a question I left unanswered in my rambling don't hesitate to ask :)

 The first two pics are in natural lighting..no flash. The next pics are with flash.

 Then I killed the neon with some Konad black and DRK-C. I tried to stamp with a coral polish but it didn't show up. I was very disappointed with the outcome of this stamp..it lost all it's bright neon goodness :(

Well...hope you liked! And I bought this polish and all opinions are mine...fyi..you'll know when I get something sent to me for review because I won't be able to shut up about it ;)

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