Monday, March 11, 2013

31 Day Nail Challenge Part 2: Patterns

Hi Everyone! It's been a while..too long really! I have spent the last 10 days doing the second part of the 31 Day Nail Challenge. I probably should have posted everyday as this part of the challenge has more to it and would be more interesting. This is going to be a long post so i'll get right into the pics :)
First up is Day 11: Polka Dots OPI Siberian Nights stamped with Ozotic 532 (mish mash) and DRK-A XL Plate. I went back in with a dotter and made the large dots brighter. This was cool because the polka dots were duochrome and holo!
 Day 12: Stripes....China Glaze Aquadelic stamped with China Glaze Harmony & Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Pronto Purple. Used DRK-C XL Plate. I added both colors to the image so it would look almost like a duochrome effect. I liked it but then anything good looks against CG Aquadelic...the most awesome color ever! ;)
 Day 13: Animal Print...OPI Tomorrow Never Dies (2 coats) stamped with Sinful Colors Dream On and Konad M78 & M57. Seriously love how bright this was !! I didn't want to take it off!!
 Day 14: Flowers....OPI Black Onyx stamped with Nfu Oh 64, Nubar Reclaim and BM 313. Of course I had to have holo flowers! Really love how this turned out :)
 Day 15: Delicate Print....Butter London All Hail The Queen stamped with BM 314 and Wet'n'Wild Black Creme.
 Day 16: Tribal Nails....CG Running in Circles as a base and then Zoya Tangy and OPI Sprung in a saran mani. Then I stamped CH IX with DRK-B plate..a cool totem image. This was my second attempt at this and I still wasn't pleased but I wasn't doing a third!
 Day 17: Glitter...2 coats of China Glaze Frostbite and 2 coats of OPI Last Friday this combo together! The bright blue really makes that pink opalescent glitter jump right out!
 Day 18: Half Moons....Used OPI Black Onyx and China Glaze White On White as the base coats, then applied them to opposite nails with french tip stickers. Next step was to add a topcoat..let dry..apply french tip stickers and paper reinforcements over exposed color..then stamped with Konad White & Black using DRK-C XL Plate. Then went in with a dotter tool (smallest tip) and applied OPI Big Apple Red. I really LOVE this mani ♥
 Day 19: Galaxy Nails...I was dreading doing this mani because for some reason I thought it was going to be sooo hard...NOT! I also didn't think i'd LOVE it this much and NEVER want to take it off!! lol I used OPI Black Onyx, A-england Order of the Garter, Zoya Tallulah, China Glaze Gothic Lolita, White on White and Fairy Dust. I looked all over Youtube and this was the tutorial I followed because it was quick, simple and I loved the colors used. I'll post the link at the bottom of the page :) I should also add that I used tiny sponges instead of the big one she used..I had no clean up because I stuck with the little ones and I just found it easier to add small amounts of color that way.
 Day 20: Water Marble....Oh boy the fun...NOT! Getting the hang of it isn't fun but when it all finally comes together it's nice! I tried this a few times before I got a decent combination. I'm also super happy I got smaller lines cause that's what I love when I see it on someone else. I used Essie Tart Deco, NOPI My Lifesaver and CG Fairy Dust as a topcoat. 
So..I must say that doing this challenge has made me step outside of my mani comfort zone! I never thought i'd be doing water marbles or certainly not galaxy nails..didn't ever even really fancy those until I got them on my tips! I didn't want to ever take them off!! So i'm really glad I did..and am still doing this challenge! I would recommend it. Here's that link for the galaxy nails I did. Hope you liked!!

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