Friday, March 1, 2013

Quo by Orly Beyond The Sea

Hi again..fourth post today..that's a record! I have for you Quo by Orly Beyond the Sea..I saved the best for last!! This is a stunning polish!!! I put on the first coat which was rather jelly-like and waited a couple discover it's matte! How awesome is that? Perhaps it has some neon elements going on because it is SUPER bright. It also has some insane aqua/teal micro-shimmer going on (the reason I bought it in the first place). I can't begin to describe how gorgeous this color is..and sadly my little iphone camera just would nt pick up the shimmer :( It's see it in person very easily..another polish with a lit from within quality that makes most of us polish addicts fall in love. So I leveled things out with just 2 coats. It has a great formula! So on with the pic spam :)

 The first 3 photos are matte..taken in natural lighting. The next five are with topcoat. I used Out The Door fast Drying Topcoat. (my go to topcoat)

 The above shot is the only one I took in direct sunlight. It pretty much hid the aqua/teal shimmer but was still stunning!

I think this last pic might have picked up some of that aqua/teal micro-shimmer if you look closely you can see it. As I mentioned person it's always there and you don't need any special lighting to see it. I loved this polish both matte and with topcoat! What do you think?

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