Friday, March 1, 2013

Quo by Orly Prepster

Hi everybody! Today I have some swatches of a few Quo by Orly polish' I bought from Shoppers Drug Mart. Quo is a Shoppers exclusive brand so you should be able to find these at any Shoppers. First off i'm gonna start with Prepster. When I tried Googling images of this color and other Quo by Orly colors there wasn't much out there so hopefully this will help. I had to have this polish!! It's a lovely aqua..leaning a touch more on the blue side..with shimmer! I kind of figured it would take a few good coats and it it did..four. I probably could have gotten away with 3 thicker ones. It was a thicker formula but applied well...just be careful not to drown your cuticles. The shimmer adds something's more noticeable in person. Well..i'll let you judge for yourself :)

The photos are all taken in natural lighting..the last one has some sun but I could not get a good close up to show the lovely shimmer..sorry :( Need to get myself a good camera but funds are not allowing it! So what do you think of this color? Is there an Orly twin for this out there?


  1. I was at Shoppers tonight and bought this colour & Super Cute for $4.99 each on sale half price from $10. When I got home I Googled Prepster and found images of every Orly Quo colour but the Blue Prepster when I do see a Blue swatch imagine my surprise when I click the photo and end up on you blog !! I should have known by your hand that it was you -lol - See ya back on Facebook;), Sharon

  2. OMG...that's awesome!! That's what I was hoping for since there were so little swatches of Quo colors!! And i'm so jealous you got yours half price!! lol