Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Day 23: Inspired By A Movie

Hi again...this will be my last post for tonight and then i'm all caught up with all my mani's from the
31 Day Nail Challenge. This post is Day 23: Inspired by a Movie and my inspiration was Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds..*enter creepy music*...LOL. Seriously, this mani was super fun for me! I have all the DRK XL image plates and they have a lot of really cool images. Plate C has a gaggle of crows image that I always wanted to use but couldn't figure out what to do with....until today! It all came together wonderfully after that! So I found an awesome picture for inspiration which I will post here as well. I will work my way backwards like I usually do explaining what I used along the way. On with the pics!!

 And here's the awesome picture I used for inspiration...isn't that fabulous??! I used very small pieces of make-up sponges held with tweezers to dab on my clouds. I used ( in order) China Glaze Electric Beat, Recycle and White on White. Then I stamped with Wet'n'Wild Black Creme and DRK-C Plate.
 This is what it looked like before I stamped...I really liked that too! Although it wasn't quite as dreary as I wanted it to look.
 And for my base I used China Glaze Pelican Grey...a wonderful light grey creme/jelly formula that was a pleasure to work with. The color was so lovely and once I got it on I could see all it's endless possibilities. It's a hit for sure!
Well...i'm all caught up now! And I really hope you enjoy this mani as much as I did putting it together :)
This challenge is really fun!! See you again soon for day 24, Inspired by a Book.


  1. Great movie inspiration :)

    1. Thank you! I was stumped for a bit but I knew I had to find a way to use that image :)